lr goku eza hidden potential

So my characters are almost ready, I was prepared to use kais on Cooler until I saw that I could purchase copies from baba shop. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle:FUSION CATEGORY TEAM WITH INT SUPER SAIYAN 4 GOGETA & INT EZA SUPER GOGETA SHOWCASE!Hidden Potential of units:PHY LR Gogeta 90%STR LR Gogeta Blue 79%INT SSJ4 Gogeta 79%INT Super Gogeta [EZA] 100%AGL Gogeta Blue 90%INT Gotenks & Ghost [EZA] 100%💡 Recommended Videos 💡⭐️ 100% LR TURLES ARMY ON … And while he has a stun chance on his super it's pretty low at only 30% so definitely not worth investing in, especially since stunning is … The Hidden Potential system is how you turn your good Cards into great Cards. Rainbowed EZA LR TEQ Goku Black (SS Rose) & Zamasu. All units in this showcase are 100% in the potential system with level 10 links. Once a Card has Z-Awakened, Hidden Potential Orbs can be … The worst thing about it is it basically forces you to grind for units you don't care about. He's technically meant to primarily deal damage after all. Let's say you don't want to grind for pb goku and you want to wait for frieza, you bet your ass if you want that frieza you're going to have to grind out that goku and the other eza area units you didn't want in the first place and waste your resources. MelloXIII: 5: 11/22 7:24PM: Hidden potential for Teq Evil Buu? Just go critical. dokkan wiki eza, Dokkan Eza Weakness Before his EZA, he’s easily the best early game Cards to have in your Team due to his flexibility and strong flat stat Boosts. Find all the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Game information & More at DBZ Space!. Ultimate Super Saiyan Super Saiyan 4 Goku (EZA) Edit. MOST Category Leads with DUPES AND RAINBOWS MANY 120% leads with DUPES AND … In harder content, their transformed state also pairs well with Super Saiyan God SS Vegito Cards.. Their strongest Team is Potara, but they also do great on Super Saiyan, Majin Buu Saga, Joined Forces, and Kamehameha Teams. Ultimate Super Saiyan Super Saiyan 4 Goku: Max Lv: ... Counterattacks can be critical hits from the Hidden Potential ... 1 LR Hercule (EZA) 2 End-All, … 100% potential system teq lr ssj2 gohan with level 10 link skills showcase! r/DBZDokkanBattle: Everything Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle! First Slot: LR INT Goku Black (SS Rose) Second Slot: EZA LR TEQ Goku Black (SS Rose) & Zamasu. - 1x LR STR Ultra Instinct Goku - Many Free to Play LRs SA 20 at 97% *(Not rainbowed to accommodate for different play styles)-4762 Dragon Stones (Stones cannot be transferred to Android devices) - 223 Red Coins - Rank 494 - Story Mode Completed - Most EZA Events Farmed - Many Dokkan Fest Exclusive Cards - 140+ Elder Kai Cards 1-9) Black Power Ball (SA Lv. Lr Tier List. Global Whale-12 LR+1K Goku + Every Leader+Rainbows - Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle GLB Account. LR Goku & Vegeta work very well with other Goku or Vegeta Cards, especially their golden-haired variants. Hidden Potential is available after you:-Reach Rank 50-Completed Stage 2 of An Epic Showdown on Z-Hard. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: EXTREME STR TRANSFORMATION BOOST & CONQUEST OF TERROR ONLY VS LEGENDARY GOKU EVENT IN 8 MIN & 8 TURNS [Legendary Goku Event] [Fighting Legend: Goku] [熱闘悟空伝] Hidden potential of units (All level 10 links) STR Cooler 79% LR Frieza 1st form [EZA] 100% LR Turles Army 55% LR Full Power Frieza 69% STR … I'm a global player and I'm grinding like crazy these past few days to get the characters ready for LR Goku's EZA (I never bothered before to grind the LR). MANY TOTAL RAINBOW UNITS The account has 12 Premium LR's WITH DUPES: The New LR GoBros is at 79%! The following list includes current farmable characters in global that could be used to activate 100% of a character's hidden potential. Hidden Potential Build for Int Frieza and Agl Cooler EZAs: Snake0909: 2: 11/17 9:49AM: PSA: Don't forget to EZA Cooler and Frieza now for the LR Goku EZA: M1Astray: 29: 12/2 3:09PM: Hidden Potential for LR Frieza? Potential Orbs is a scarce resource. Amazing account with multiple potential teams and high tier units. Don't be afraid to do it too, you don't have to put it on every unit like me but if you think a unit has a defensive flaw like LR SSJ3ku, LR Broly, SSJ3 Broly, etc then by all means give them that small chance of insurance, 3 dodge kicking in has allowed me to win some SBR runs and even EZA runs whereas without it I would have lost. Base Attack Stat: 23,045 (17,145 (Base) + 5,400 (Hidden Potential) + 500 (Skill Orb - Bronze ATK+ Level 5)) Double AGL Zamasu "Realm of Gods" 170% Leaders. History Talk (0) Comments Share. It is probably wiser to use them in better units than to look for a 100% activation.

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